SC Blues Youth Academy is the foundation of the SC Blues Soccer Club. Any player who wishes to tryout for our academy is more than welcome to attend any of our sessions and be evaluated. Once your daughter is evaluated we will let you know if she is ready for our full time academy program and if this is a good fit for her.

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When evaluating potential academy players we look for:

  1. Work Rate
  2. Aggressiveness
  3. Skills

Ages: 5-6-7-8 year olds


  • Spring Training
  • 2 Academy sessions per week
  • Monday & Wednesday 3:30-4:45 pm - Coach Rob & Coach Lauren


  • Puma Ball
  • Practice Tee
  • Short and socks

What to Expect from Our Academy Programs

  • Honest Professional People
  • Organized and Structured Programs
  • Clear Communication
  • Committed and professional Coaches
  • Clear Philosophy
  • Focus on the growth of the positive person, student and soccer player

The Blues Soccer Academy creates a positive environment that maximizes the player’s growth as a person, student and player. The Blues Soccer Academy emphasis this development at the golden ages of learning, ages 5-8.  The SC Blues players experience success at the state, regional and national levels. Blues graduates have gone on to compete at the highest levels: collegiate and professional in the US and abroad. currently ranks the SC Blues Soccer Club first in the nation.


The Blues Academy Philosophy is to create a happy, healthy and fun environment. That allows each player to grow as a positive human being, student and soccer player. Our focus is teaching the Fundamentals of soccer in a positive environment that emphasizes creativity. The academy focuses on building a strong relationship with the ball. Each session will be high in energy, fun, and have positive coaching. Blues coaches will encourage players to express themselves and make there own decisions.


The Blues Soccer Academy Curriculum follows a progressive model based on key developmental needs that have been identified for each age group. The yearlong academy program is divided into components that follow a progressive curriculum that focuses on fundamentals and applied technique through small-sided games. The Academy coaching staff will follow the coaching curriculum throughout the year and provide progress reports. Through this curriculum, coaches are able to provide each player with the most important information needed at their young age.

Program Goals

The Blues Soccer Academy program will allow our players to train year round in a fun environment preparing them for their future soccer careers.


What makes the SC Blues Soccer Academy different from any other academy and why should I sign my daughter up?

"The SC Blues Soccer Academy has been an amazing experience for my daughter. She is currently in her third year, starting when she was 5 and has learned so much from the great coaching staff. The Academy does an outstanding job of developing the girls’ soccer skills in a fun atmosphere that has increased my daughter's love for the game of soccer. I feel so fortunate to have some of the top soccer coaches around spending quality time teaching my daughter."

Michelle Mother of Emma

"Having played competitive soccer in Southern California most of my life, I knew there was only one choice when it came to choosing a club for my daughter.  The SC Blues Academy has exceeded my expectations in every way.  In my opinion, no other club comes close to the level of coaching, competition, and overall dedication to REALLY teaching the girls the game of soccer.  In the 2 years my daughter has played with the Blues, she has grown in every aspect of the game.  Her strength, knowledge, skills, confidence, and most importantly love for the game gets better with every practice.  There is nothing better than your 7 year old daughter walking off the practice field asking, "how many more days until next practice?" That's when you know that you are in the right place."

Erica Mother of Ella